Steampunk heels equipped with gears, tubes and LED lights / The Trendaholic


This is a factory pendant I made. Tiny little people mill around in a factory, working around the clock. It has been made by using a good deal of old watch gears and cogs as well as little miniature figurines. It is a factory of good thoughts. When you lack good thoughts, they will make some for you.



If I never had to use my hands again, I would happily wear these beautiful filigree nail rings without giving a single fuck if anyone decided to think less of me for being “effeminate.”

Those with less hands-on lifestyles can find them for sale in JekyllHydeJewellery’s etsy store in a variety of metal colours, priced at $18 to $38 for a set of five.

I wonder how well these would work as banjo picks………..


Steampunk upcycled cuff bracelet by fripparie.  www.fripparie.com



Mothership by Xercs

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